PL-1 Last

The PL-1 has been featured in a number of our shoes since the start of 2009. The PL-1 last is essentially used on neutral and stability running shoes.

The main differences from SL-1 to PL-1 are:

  • Reduced volume in the toe box
  • Lowered the toe box height
  • Higher fitting arch
  • Elevated heel height for better transition
  • Lower in step height
  • Anatomical Heel fit for better ride and fit
  • More tear drop shape in the toe box which reduces the overall girth

The styles built on the PL-1 are the 759, 1225, 1906, 749, 769, 760, 738, 1064, 905, 910, 662, 740 as well as the new Zip product.


One thought on “PL-1 Last

  1. Unfortunately, it cuts both ways- New Balance’s push towards the PL-1 last has alienated a lot of former NB users. Nearly every pair of athletic shoes I’ve purchased for the last 15 years have been from NB. I’ve had running shoes, cross trainers, trail runners, and outdoor shoes (MO), and definitely considered myself a fan.

    With my last pair of MT909s on their last legs, I tried its successor, the MT910 a few months ago. No dice. I’ve since tried every other mid-range and high-end trail shoe that New Balance provides (everything 6xx and above) and have struck out completely. I was stumped until my local dealer pointed out that all of NB’s trail runners are built on the PL-1 last. Makes sense, as all of the shoes had similar issues- big, sloppy heels with a lot of slip and tight toe boxes.

    I have to give my local NB retailer a lot of credit- after ordering and sending back the 910, 869, 813, 814, and 759 she had the integrity to tell me that she didn’t think New Balance had anything to tell me anymore, and suggested some particular brands and shoes I could try, as well the competing retailers where I might find them.

    Neither of us were happy that her store had invested so much time and energy in helping me find the right shoe only to have me walk away without making a purchase.

    Still, I guess it’s good that New Balance is doing a great job at becoming yet another Nike or Brooks.

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