Running vs Walking vs Cross Training

Your weight shifts forward on your foot differently in the walking and running strides. All New Balance walking shoes are designed with our Walking Strike Path outsole to address the more centered roll of the walking gait.

Running shoes are designed for higher impact forces, but the thicker heel can actually impede the natural heel-to-toe roll of the walking stride, forcing the toes down quickly which, can lead to shin pain.

All New Balance walking shoes, from high speed racewalkers to rugged off-road shoes, meet the unique flexibility and support demands of the walking motion.  Many people find the cushioning aspect of running shoes to be more comfortable when walking, leading them to purchase running shoes.  While running shoes are made specifically with runners in mind, there is no harm in wearing a running shoe to walk in.  However, due to the way walking shoes are constructed, we do not recommend running in a walking shoe.

Cross trainers are built-up more around the ankle area which will offer additional ankle support.  These shoes work well for both forward and lateral movement.  These shoes are designed with the gym enthusiast in mind, where you can transition from jogging on a treadmill, to lifting weights to doing step aerobics.  While these shoes are not intended for long runs, depending on the model, will support runs up to 5k in distance.


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