Oil and Slip Resistant Shoes

In our current product line, we offer three slip and oil resistant models – the 631 & 845 walking shoes, and the 654 lifestyle shoe. In addition, we have the MX608V2B which is wet/dry slip resistant, but not oil resistant.

The 631 shoe features a protective toe bumper and has a unique double helix pattern which forces debris out of the tread.

The 845 as well as the 654 are only slip resistant in the black color. Below are the full model numbers:


MW631BK – black

MW845BK – black

M654BLK – black

MX608V2B – black


WW631BK – black

WW845BK- black

W654BLK – black

WX608V2B – black

All models underwent the same slip-resistant test, but the results do vary by style. The results list the coefficient of friction (COF) on dry and contaminated surfaces. The COF is measured on a scale of 0 (very slippery) to 1.0 (unmoving). The higher the COF, the less slipping occurs. There are no industry standards set for slip resistance. However, there are ‘non-mandatory’ standards that state a shoe must have a COF of 0.5 on a wet surface and 0.3 on a soapy/oily surface to be deemed slip resistant.

See the scores below for a comparison between the styles.

Style MX608N2B WX608V2B MW/WW631 MW/WW845 M/W654
Dry Forefoot 0.87 0.88 0.79 0.92 0.89
Dry Heel 0.80 0.95 0.79 0.92 0.89
Wet Forefoot 0.62 0.62 0.74 0.60 0.68
Wet Heel 0.55 0.60 0.74 0.60 0.68
Soapy NA NA 0.62 0.52 0.27
Oily/Wet NA NA 0.52 0.43 0.37
Oily NA NA 0.52 0.43 0.18

Lastly, to avoid confusion please note that the old 843 walking shoe, was also slip resistant in the black color only (MW/WW843BK). Last years model, the 844, was not slip resistant in either the white or black color, but due to popularity and demand we decided to bring it back in the black 845.


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