NB Model Numbers

The full model number to your shoes can be found inside the tongue of the shoes.  The New Balance model numbers are broken down into three parts.

The letters prior to the number designate the gender and the purpose the shoe was designed for.

MR = Men’s Running
WR = Women’s Running
MT = Men’s Trail
WT = Women’s Trail
MO = Men’s Outdoor
WO = Women’s Outdoor
MW = Men’s Walking
WW = Women’s Walking
MX = Men’s Cross-Training
WX = Women’s Cross-Training
CT / MC = Men’s Tennis
WCT / WC = Women’s Tennis
KJ = Kid’s Running
KV = Kid’s Running with hook and loop closure system
KT = Kid’s Tennis
KX = Kid’s Cross-Training
RC = Racing Comp

**Sometimes the model number will start with a “CW” or “CM” which means you have a custom shoe (see below picture).

The numbers on the shoes do not relate specifically to special codes, but they are a way of identifying the different models from each other.  Generally speaking, the higher the number, the more technology there is featured in the shoe.  This does not necessarily mean that the highest number is the best shoe for everyone.

The letters after the numbers generally designate the color of the shoe.  For example, WB would be White/Blue and BK would be Black.  There are exceptions to this.  For example; in the model MR1123MC, the “MC” designates that it is a motion control shoe.  Another example would be WR760ST where the “ST” designates that it is a stability shoe.

See the picture below for an example of the model number listed on the inside of the tongue of the shoe:

You may not be able to find your shoes on our website if they are discontinued or if you have a custom make up shoe.

Custom make up shoes are shoes made specifically for a particular retailer.  These shoes are unique in design but do follow all our quality standards and guidelines for performance footwear.  All these shoes offer basic cushioning technology.  The model number inside the tongue usually starts with “CM” or “CW”.  If you are looking for comparable models, refer to model numbers in the 500, 600 or 700 series. A CW or CM model would be most comparable with a WR758 or MR758 for example.  A CMX model would be most comparable to the MX622.   A CWW model would be comparable to the WW559.  Unfortunately, aside from the original retailer, there is no other way to obtain this shoe.


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