Neutral vs. Stability

If the width of the instep (AB) at its widest part is less than 1cm, the foot is considered as flat (right) and a shoe with Supportive Cushioning or Motion Control is recommended. If the width of the footprint at its narrowest part (BC) is less than 1cm, the arch is considered high (center) and a shoe with Neutral Cushioning is recommended. All other footprints are considered “normal” (left).

A “neutral shoe” or one described only as a cushioning shoe means that it is made for someone with a neutral walking or running gait or someone who supinates (someone who rolls their foot outward). If the wear on your sneakers looks even on both the inside and outside heel, you are probably a neutral runner.

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A “stability shoe” is one that helps with pronation control.  This type of shoe is designed with technology such as a Rollbar, TS2, Extended Web, Stabilicore or medial and lateral posts.

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A “motion control shoe” is one that helps with moderate to severe pronation.  This type of shoe will have the Rollbar technology combined with the medial and lateral posts. If you overpronate (have low to flat arches) and especially if you are a heavy person who overpronates, you may need the correction and support these New Balance Motion Control shoes provide. People with flat feet should examine their daily and athletic footwear to ensure a proper fit, strong arch support and a firm heel counter for extra support and stability. The listed shoes are high-quality shoes with motion control technology.

See: mens | womens


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