New Balance FAQs

New Balance FAQs

What do the model numbers mean?

What shoes do you recommend if I have a specific foot condition?

What is a shoe “last”?

How does New Balance fit?

What are the measurements between different sizes and widths?

What is the difference between a neutral shoe, a stability shoe and a motion control shoe?

What are the differences between running, walking and cross training shoes?

What is a Rollbar?

What is Abzorb®?

When should I replace my running shoes?

Are there any Aravon shoes recommended by doctors?

What should I do if my shoes are squaking?

Conversion from kid’s sizing to men’s and women’s sizing?

If I wear size “X” in New Balance, will I wear the same size in Aravon?

What makes Araon difference/Why is Aravon so comfortable?

What is a Stridarc Rocker Sole?

How do I clean my shoes?

What shoes do not contain leather?

What is New Balance’s foreign manufacturing policy?

What shoes are USA?

Does New Balance offer slip and oil resistant shoes?

What is the difference from the SL-1 to the PL-1 and which New Balance products are built on this new PL-1 last?

What is the technology in Dunham footwear?

Does Dunham still have a women’s product line?


One thought on “New Balance FAQs

  1. There is definitely some great information available on this blog! I’ve had nothing but great experiences shopping with you guys!

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