Where My Monkey Mind Goes

by Sarah Lisi
December 10, 2010

Wow, doesn’t she look peaceful and strong. This is what I often think when I wander by a yoga studio. Then I decide to take a class, and I spend most of the time wondering why I went. When those yoga peeps go on and on about how yoga has changed their lives, I can’t help but laugh to myself – that’s so not me! I want to love it, but sadly that never happened, so I just chalk it up to my monkey mind (I was told I had one by a scary Qi Gong instructor I encountered) and move on. I’m okay with it – me and my monkey mind will head out and try something new. Trying new things and approaching them like a complete beginner, blank and without expectations and fears, opens me up to new experiences that I’d otherwise have never tried. So what’s on my list, you ask? Just a few things that I must try:


I saw this at the Pilates on Tour and have been dying to give it a whirl. I’m betting that CoreAlign® is deceptively difficult, and I love anything that works on core stabilization.Photo uploaded to Flickr by Rance Costa, some rights reserved.


I’m new at this but have started to adore it. I love the super-hard cardio workout that I get, so much so that I sort of want to try road biking. Eeek, but the thought of road rash has me scared, so maybe for now I’ll stick to spinning. One thing at a time, right?Photo uploaded to Flickr by Peter Fristedt, some rights reserved.


I have done Gyrotonic® before and was really intrigued, so I think it’s time for a second look. The more circular movement of Gyrokenisis® would be such a nice compliment to my Pilates. Not to mention that the Gyrotonic® machine is just really cool – who wouldn’t want to try it?


Oh my goodness, did I really just say that out loud?! Don’t worry, I’m taking baby steps – I think a little sprint will be perfect. This is really my new big fitness goal that I would love to accomplish. Since I do some jogging and have started to like biking, I think a triathalon might be the next logical step. I’ll have to get back into the pool, though, and I haven’t done any swim training since I was on my high school swim team.Photo uploaded to Flickr by cygnus921, some rights reserved.

Now that you know what I’m itching to try, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m a big chicken. I don’t want to try something new and fail at it. Lately, though, I’ve come around to figuring out that what I think will be the best thing for me doesn’t always turn out to be (as with the yoga). Finding some new fitness passions has been fun, and adding a few more things to my repertoire keeps me on my toes. Once I decide to give something a try, if I can just quiet the monkey brain for long enough to give it a fair shot, I usually know within 30 minutes if it’s going to be right for me or not.


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