The Simple Things

by Sarah Lisi
December 10, 2010

Treats for working out? I know I’m not five, and I certainly don’t need a carrot to entice me, but sometimes a little reward does wonders. Here are a few of my faves.

Frozen yogurt

I’m newly obsessed with the tart frozen treat shops that are popping up everywhere. I know Pinkberry made it famous, but thankfully for the rest of the world, other people are getting in on the action. A small cup of yogurt topped with fresh fruit like mangoes or blueberries is my number one choice.Image uploaded to Flickr by Debs

The perfect pair of workout pants

I have yet to find them, but I’m always on the lookout. You know the ones I’m talking about: perfect waist (not too high and not too low), right length, won’t fade and most importantly are not see-through. One of these days when I find this elusive treasure I will be buying them in multiples.

Pretty paper goods

Since I’ve given up my expensive daily latte habit, I have a few extra bucks to spend. Having some sweet letterpress note cards on hand is one of life’s simple pleasures. Sometimes I just want to keep them for myself because they’re so pretty, but I know they’re meant to be enjoyed so off goes a handwritten note.Photo credit Seesaw Letterpress


I’m a necklace girl, so when I see something fun and statement-y I’m always tempted. I think there’s nothing better to perk up my uniform of jeans, flats and tees than something a little flashy.Photo credit Live Love Photography

A delicious meal

I would say that I’m a newish foodie. As I’ve gotten older, when I go out to dinner I always want it to be good. There’s something special about the perfect meal. I don’t work out so that I can go crazy with food, but I do love that I never feel remorse for eating something amazing. Total side note, this has actually affected me more than I thought. Those Halloween Kit-Kat leftovers have gone uneaten because instead of going for mediocre chocolate, I’ll hold out for the good stuff. Willpower, who knew? Yay me!Image uploaded to Flickr by Andreas Thell

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