New Balance MT101 and WT101

The New Balance 101 is the perfect trail racing shoe for runners looking for a “minimalistic” shoe, reminiscent of a “barefoot” running experience. The stream-lined upper features overlays on the lateral side to hold feet in place through downhill runs and very few internal seams help to eliminate irritation even when the shoes are worn without socks. A thin protective ROCKSTOP© plate in the outsole protects feet from punctures and disperses shock without sacrificing the natural running feel. The New Balance 101 is equipped to deliver a smooth and responsive ride on any trail.

Team New Balance trail runners, Kyle Skaggs and Anton Krupicka, provided inspiration and design direction for the MT/WT101 Skaggs, winner and course record holder of the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run and Krupicka, two-time winner of the Leadville 100, tested the 101 throughout the design and development process, bringing the “ultra running” mindset to every aspect of the shoes. Their insights helped to utilize a revised manufacturing process to create a smoother heel counter to reduce irritation. Even the insole bares the mark of the NB Ambassadors; the bandana printed sock liner is in honor of Tony Kupricka, who wears a bandana during all of his runs.

Exclusive TriCity NB MT/WT 101 pics below:

3 thoughts on “New Balance MT101 and WT101

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  3. NB has did a phonemonal job on creating a stylethat is realistic in verstile to the eye. Keep them coming. I’m loving the 21st century look.

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