Support Our Troops

We came across Braxton via Twitter (@Re_return). Let’s see if we can help him meet his goal of $1500 and his commitment to running the Marine Corps Marathon for a third consecutive year! We’re cheering for ya here at TriCity New Balance!

MCM 2009, circa mile 20. The smile might be a little bit forced.

Hi everyone! It’s almost that time of year….I have committed to running the Marine Corps Marathon for a third consecutive year and will once again be fundraising for a fantastic organization, USO. Please help me reach my fundraising goal of $1,500. I have been fortunate to travel to Germany, Dubai, Korea, and Okinawa and have seen firsthand the positive impact that our amazing employees and volunteers can have on our troops and their families. They really know how to get the most bang for our bucks! This year, I have this crazy idea that I’m going to attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon with a new personal record under 3 hours, 10 minutes. Can I do it? You’ll have to come out to the course on race day to find out….I would love to see you out there!

(source: Braxton Bragg’s Fundraising Page)


TEAM USO was developed in response to volunteers looking for new ways to support the troops and their families.  This site provides everyone a fun, fast and easy way to support the men and women who protect our country every day.

Our online resources allow you to reach out to an endless pool of possible donors.  Spread the word to everyone you know and ask them to spread the word as well.  You will be amazed at how responsive people are!

We provide guidance, tools and resources to make your fundraising event a success whether you are emailing, baking, biking, running, collecting, dancing or anything else.

TEAM USO is made up of all kinds of individuals who share the common interest in supporting our troops and their families…until everyone comes home.

About the USO

For nearly 70 years the USO has been offering its special brand of care to our troops and their families.  Through offering many unique programs and services, we are able to shrink the gap between the home front and the frontlines.

(source: TeamUSO site)


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