Idea Submission


New Balance prides itself on our innovative heritage, so we deeply understand and appreciate the desire to create something that could, quite possibly, change the world. With that in mind, we’d like to share with you the following guidelines for submitting ideas to New Balance.

  • Does your idea fit within the New Balance business model and add new features to our product lines, footwear, design concepts, accessories, and apparel?
  • Is the idea unique? Have you done a search on Google or a search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office?
  • Have you applied for or been granted a Patent? If granted (or published), provide patent (or publication) number and copy of patent.
  • Do you need a patent attorney or patent agent to help you determine the novelty of your idea or to file a patent? If so, consult the following US Patent Attorney and Agents Search site.
  • Is your idea commercially viable? For example, could it be manufactured and sold for a reasonable price? Have you approached manufacturing or design firms to obtain cost estimates for prototyping and manufacturing your idea?

If you feel your idea satisfies the previous questions, download the Submission Form PDF and return to the supplied address or email it to:


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