Woman Camp

Woman Camp, Part 2
Woman Camp, Part 2
What sets a successful, happy, well-rounded girl apart from her gal pals these days? Think time.

By Calder Clark, NB Wellness guest editor

Every girl wants her husband/boyfriend/brother to be a Man Camp grad. This goes without saying. But what about Woman Camp? Don’t we have our (oft unspoken) version of a curriculum of cool girl achievement?

As a second installment in my series, below are a few tips on how to rack up the points on your way to becoming a graduate of Woman Camp. (You can read the first installment here.) Nota bene, ladies: The ideas below should minimize your time crunch and maximize your fabulosity.

Go Mobile
One of my former clients and great friends teases me mercilessly about my “technological age” – i.e., she claims I am 25 years old/44 years old/75 years old depending on my latest advancement or tweaking of certain inter-office workings. She’s the reason we ditched our crackberries for iPhones and embraced Twitter with abandon. Go us!

Part of being a Woman Camp grad involves going mobile:

Do: Get email on your phone.
Don’t: Depend on your desktop PC for staying connected.
Do: Get imap email.
Don’t: Get mired down in the misery of pop3 emails – downloading, storing, restoring (blah).
Do: Get an e-reader (a Kindle or a Nook) to broaden your horizons.
Don’t: Get stuck lugging 15 lbs of books on a long trip.

Make a “Big Little” Shelf
When my daddy was little, his mama (my Mawmaw) had a gift shelf in her closet where she stowed all kinds of gifts for family and friends alike. They called it the “Big Little” shelf, because there were always a slew of Big Little books for the boys to be able to give to their friends for the myriad of birthday parties that popped up.

I have a Big Little shelf in a chest in our living room that is filled to the brim with GFGs (girlfriend gifts!), birthday surcees (Charlestonian for “gifts”), tissue paper, scissors, tape and bags for a quick-and-dirty wrapping session.

Do: Stock your Big Little shelf with wines and wine bags for that easy “thanks-for-having-us” gift.
Don’t: Feel guilty if you pillage and plunder above-mentioned Big Little shelf contents after a hard day.
Do: Buy birthday cards in bulk. Think about sister/brother/father/mother/new baby whilst browsing the card racks at Target and buy 10-15 at a time.
Don’t: Give your guy friend a pink, flowery birthday card because your stash ran low.

Go-To Dip
1972 is calling, and it wants its casserole back. Bless your green-bean-cream-of-mushroom extravaganza-loving heart, but seriously? People are watching their waistlines and eating lighter these days, in case you’ve missed the newsflash on America’s soaring obesity. So what’s the answer for entertaining with ease?

Do: Opt for fresh. Take a few avocados, some fresh limes, a store-bought pico de gallo and your Mini Chop and whip up a quick guacamole to take to your fete.
Don’t: Take a big jar of Pace and a bag of Tostitos and think you’re off the hook.
Do: Have your go-to “dip” as long as it’s light. Mine is Dixie Caviar.
Don’t: Think mayonnaise-based for anything you’re making. N-O.

Make Quiet Time
What sets a successful, happy, well-rounded girl apart from her gal pals these days? Think time. Take an hour each week to think. Go off the grid, decompress, put the iPhone down and just think.

Do: Let your mind wander and wonder.
Don’t: Take notes or listen to music whilst pondering.
Do: Find a great spot/vista to drink in while you think.
Don’t: Have mob mentality. Find an uncrowded spot even in the heart of a big city.

Run a Race
As someone who has run a marathon in her time (small pat on back), I am here to tell you: nothing is more motivating or self-assuring than finishing a race. Running not your bag? Fine, then figure out what is and challenge yourself. Do you like to bike, hike, swim or paddle? The point is: Push yourself to max capacity in one area of your fitness regimen and then drink in the benefits.

Do: Start small. 5Ks and 10Ks are a ton of fun – that’s why they’re often called “fun runs”!
Don’t: Bite off more than you can chew. Marathons and triathlons take months of prep work.
Do: Consider women’s-only races. The support is remarkable.
Don’t: Get bogged down in being #1 in a pack of buff men and women. Set realistic goals.
Do: Use travel as an incentive – pick a fabulous locale for your big race.
Don’t: Run the race then plan to play. You may be too tired to sightsee after a big competition.


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