The New Juggling Act

The New Juggling Act
The New Juggling Act
Your balance is your balance, and if it works for you and your family, then press on!

By Calder Clark, NB Wellness guest editor

The business of being creative pulls me in a thousand different directions. I’m right-brained, I’m left-brained, I’m in logistics, I’m in design, I’m all over the place. Like any entrepreneur, wife, mom, friend and worker bee, I’ve been juggling so much that I’d forgotten exactly what balance is. Until I started listening.

I recently heard a bold lecture by the vivacious Cindy Novotny, a bonafide “Jackie of all trades” whose primary business involves traveling 50 out of 52 weeks per year, speaking to the yous and mes all over the world on the work/life balance and staying motivated. I scrambled to digest every bit of brain food she threw out as I drank in the main message: Your balance is your balance, and if it works for you and your family, then press on! Your neighbor has three housekeepers to your one, and your sister may not espouse your iPhone obsession. Your dad’s not on Twitter, and your best friend hasn’t known a hard day’s work in a decade. So maybe they can’t directly relate, and that’s okay too. Only you can know what your balance feels like.

One of my favorite gems from Cindy’s talk is a choice comment by Rupert Murdoch: “The world is changing so fast that the big will not beat the small; instead, it will be the fast beating the slow.” I felt relief wash over me. So the fact that I live, love, laugh and work at lightning speed may propel me to superstardom? Yes, please!

The new juggling act is yours to design. It may involve breakneck speeds, 4 AM workouts, late-night Skype-ing and a laptop for a bed buddy, and that’s totally kosher if it works with your game plan. As one-legged squats on the Bosu ball make you stronger, so do the lumps and bumps on your journey to balance and wellbeing


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