New Balance Footbed Construction

A shoe’s footbed construction has a major impact on its performance characteristics. New Balance uses four types of footbed construction to deliver the optimal blend of stability, flexibility and weight.

Board Lasted Footbed
Board lasted shoes have a sturdy insole board running the entire length of the foot bed. This type of construction provides the greatest stability.

Combi-Lasted Footbed
Combi-lasted shoes employ slip lasting in the forefoot for enhanced flexibility and an insole board in the rearfoot to control excessive motion.

Strobel Lasted Footbed
Strobel lasted shoes are constructed with a thin material acting like a sock liner stretched along its perimeter. This construction provides an excellent blend of stability and flexibility.

Slip Lasted Footbed
Slip lasted shoes are constructed without an insole board. This provides the greatest possible flexibility and lightest weight.

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