Barefoot Running | Running Insight Magazine

New Balance was recently featured in Running Insight magazine. There is an interesting article about the New Balance Barefoot running line that will be released in March 2011!

Though this is a ways away, we have lots of New Balance styles that mimic barefoot running and the ChiRunning Technique-

The Mid-Foot Strike Technique

The Mid-Foot Strike technique, for most runners and walkers, the most efficient, injury reducing way to run or walk. In this method, the heel and the ball of the foot hit simultaneously with each foot strike so you land with your whole foot on the ground. This helps take the strain off the lower legs and knees, the two areas where the majority of walking and running injuries occur.

The mid-foot strike is more energy efficient because the only work required of your legs is to provide momentary support between strides. Propulsion comes from allowing the body to fall forward with the pull of gravity, not from pushing forward with your feet and legs.

Tips for using the ChiRunning and ChiWalking Technique:

* Always maintain good posture
* Hold your pelvis level while running (engaging your core muscles) and never bend at the waist
* Run or walk with your whole body in a slight forward lean at the ankles
* Let your feet land with your upper body falling forward and your legs swinging rearward

New Balance Barefoot Running

Running Insight Magazine

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