New Balance Widths

Here at TriCity, we take a lot of phone calls in regards to exactly how much extra room is added when you change the width of your shoe and where exactly this extra room is added. Hopefully the information below will help!!

Measurements between different sizes and widths

Width Differences
There is an 8/16” difference between a B and D width and a 6/16” (3/8”) difference between 4E and 6E. It’s important to note that this is the maximum difference in width. This occurs across the ball of the foot. There is less of a difference as you move towards the tip of the shoe and towards the heel.

Length Differences
There is a 1/6” difference between each ½ size (ie, between 9 and 9.5). For every ½ size up, the width (across the ball) will increase by 1/8 of an inch.

New Balance Widths

Having the proper width shoe is crucial for proper foot comfort and athletic performance. For some individuals, extra wide shoes are the best fit to correct common foot problems. New Balance is the only athletic shoe company to feature wide width shoes to accommodate a larger foot size. New Balance recognizes the need for wide shoes, including wide womens shoes in their premium line of running shoes.


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